自分をケアすることが、周囲の人や地球環境へのケアにつながることをコンセプトとしており、売り上げの一部はThe C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trustを通じて森づくりに活用されます。


私たちは、昨年8月、「健康で忙しい人が日々の "嬉しい" "悲しい" 瞬間を大事にし、より充実した日々を送れるように」と感情日記アプリをリリースしました。











What we are building is an emotional diary app and product (starting with aromatic oils, D2C) that allows healthy people to become aware of the importance of mental health care and start a conversation about mental it.

More than just a diary app, it allows users to interact with other users around the world by posting diary entries openly, anonymously, or for specific themes.
The concept is that taking care of yourself will lead to taking care of the people around you and the global environment as well, and a part of the proceeds will be used for forestation through The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust.

We released the emotional diary app last August for healthy and busy people, but we noticed that serious mental health issues were being posted every day. Healthy people don't use it, and they don't look at mental health care tools. In our research, we learned that the topic of mental health is still a global stigma, although the importance of mental health care is growing by the day due to Corona. We thought that if we could have a casual conversation about mental care, we could reduce the rate of self-harm and suicide around the world. So we decided to create a self-care brand that even healthy people can easily access.

While most of the mental care apps in the world are designed with UXUI for healing purposes, we aimed to make our app Simple, Easy and Fun.
We also named our aromatic oils "LONELINESS IN THE MIDNIGHT" so that people would have a chance to talk about their current feelings.
Through our app and products, if healthy people can become aware of the importance of mental health care and feel free to start a conversation, people with mental health disorders will not be alone in their suffering; we can reduce the suicide rate among GenZ and millennials.

We would be pleased if you could try our self-care products on this site while you are using Feelyou app.